The results of Sanderson Young’s Autumn/Winter Collection magazine’s Selfie Competition have been announced.

The winner is a Miss Chloe Betteridge who travelled to Dubai with her Collection magazine and is shown in front of the world’s only 7 star hotel, The Burj al Arab.

Chloe, who was on holiday with her partner Ben, and her parents Dick and Lucy, commented “I always like keeping up with the regional property market and enjoyed a great holiday in Dubai  with my family.”

In second place, and also taken in Dubai, is Mr Phil Harrison who treated his wife Janet and son Nick to a special night out in the Sky Bar where they read a copy of Collection. Phil is a banker from Lancashire and keeps an eye on the housing market in Newcastle via Nick who is a student here

Duncan Young, MD of Sanderson Young, commented “I’m delighted to see our fabulous magazine is travelling so well and so far – it’s a great read about regional property and features and we are delighted that it is so well appreciated.”

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