Correspondence sent to our M.D. Duncan Young from a delighted client:-

“How often we complain and seldom stop to thank people.

Well I’m stopping to personally take time out to say thank you.

Below I’ve sent you extracts of a copy of an email I’ve sent to Elaine at your Ponteland office.

Without going into too much detail as to why Elaine has been dealing with us…my wife and I would like you to know in our opinion she is a credit to Sanderson Young.

Part of the email/s text we have exchanged with Elaine over the past week which were well out of business hours and on a bank holiday!

“We very much appreciate your professional empathy towards the on going situation however we both know that situation which will eventually change…finally I would conclude by saying that whatever happens with the above property you and the staff¬† have been very helpful to us and we appreciate your genuine personal touch.
Thank you.